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what-we-doSahir House has been offering HIV support, information and training across Merseyside since 1985. It offers a wide range of services to people living with or affected by HIV; HIV related training; up to date HIV information and opportunities to volunteer.

Sahir House produces a monthly newsletter containing information about whats new and happening at Sahir House and any HIV related news around the UK.  If you would like to contribute to this newsletter please contact Sahir House.
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Sahir House Support Services

All support services are free and confidential to people living with or affected by HIV on Merseyside. Sahir House encourages access to its support services through self-referral.  People with HIV can approach Sahir House direct or Sahir House welcome referrals from other agencies.

Sahir House Health Promotion Services
Sahir House recognises the stigma and prejudice that surrounds HIV and works in partnership to increase a greater understanding of HIV.

3 Decades of HIV in Merseyside – Now + Then Project 
Now + Then explores the Merseyside journey with HIV from the 80’s to the present day through people’s own stories.

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