Health Promotion Services

Sahir House aims to increase knowledge and reduce stigma related to HIV and sexual health among the wider population. Sahir House is committed to achieving a stigma free society and creating a safe environment for people living with, affected by or at risk of HIV.

Sahir House aim to reduce transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections through meaningful health promotion interventions by working in partnership to increase greater understanding of HIV.

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World AIDS Day

We all have a HIV status
HIV positive
HIV negative

How open can you be about your HIV status?

Be HIV aware, know the facts!

Sahir House HIV Information Line 0151 237 3990


"Sahir House has been working with our school for many years now which is testament to how important we feel their input is on the emotional and physical health of our students. The sessions have helped raise awareness of the spread and treatment of HIV and also have been instrumental in breaking down the stigma and prejudice attached to this condition. The pupils have fed back that they find these session highly informative and you can literally hear a pin drop during them. I would highly recommend this service to any local schools as a "must have." The providers have an in depth comprehensive knowledge of the subject along with a calm and sensitive delivery."

Esther Maple,
Wirral Grammar School for Girls

Health Promotion Services
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